"Thank you Weed Spinner for the greatest weed removal tool invention I've ever used! I'm disabled with a bad back, this tool works great. All you nay-sayers are doing it wrong because you can't beat this tool for it does the job like a champ. Love it.” Robert

Testimonials 2012-2018​

“WOW !! WOW!! WOW!! THIS cotton err weed picking thingy is AMAZING... Just got it from post office and in 4 minutes at home my front bed was clear So simple and effective going to do well! Ian, from my mobile and gmail account We do need some of the web to get going.” — Ian Darling

“Addicting! Once you start it really is fun to get just one more weed.” — Barbi Mueller

Excellent customer service and a great product. McDonnell 

CZimmerman, 2016. This is the greatest invention! I have many weeds in my flower beds that have deep and/or trailing roots. The weed spinner is perfect for them. And your service is great. When I needed a replacement part it arrived within a couple of days at no charge!! Thank you!

Testimonial: Dave Salsman 2012.
Hi Vern, I received the 2 replacement Weed Spinner Heads and the new one piece second generation Weed Spinner. I want to thank you for the great product and customer service response. The original two piece tool functioned impressively and only failed after much abuse while removing weeds and grass from a river rock (1 to 3 “ diameter) ground cover area in my garden. As a retired Mechanical Design Engineer I know that it is easy to design a product without regard to complexity and cost. A product like the Weed Spinner that is functional, simple and cost effective is genius. I will send the shipping costs in a separate letter with a copy of this email. Thanks for the great tool. Dave Salsman

Testimonial: Honor 2012. Dear Vern, Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Yes, I really love my weedspinner!! I am a retired senior with a troublesome back, but thanks to your wonderful product, I can get out and remove those pesky weeds without fear!! I wish I had one years ago. But I am grateful to have it now, because I could not weed without it, and it really helps me to keep my lawn looking good. Thanks again for both your courtesy AND your wonderful product. Regards, Honor

Testimonial: Jim McGillivray 2013. Really cool invention! I just tried the weed spinner in my cordless drill; it removes weeds and the entire roots and saves me from bending down. I find it particularly effective with long rooted weeds that are difficult to remove by other means. It easily spins out the oak tree seedlings too. Besides being environmentally friendly, its fun to use.


by the National Home Gardening Club 2013


  • Dona Beyel: It was very easy to use. My 11 year old grandson enjoyed using it, particularly to dig holes for fall bulbs.

  • William Taylor:  I was amazed at the ease of use and effectiveness of the weed spinner still using in yard, sidewalks and driveway.

  • Karen Byrum:  This weed spinner gives anyone who has problems bending over an edge in gardening again. You can just stand up and remove those pesky weeds!

  • Kathy Pegel:  Keeps me from bending down as far

  • Randy A Azzola:  no bending way over

  • Hollis Ayers:  This product is sturdy and easy to use, unlike similar products I've tried in the past. It holds up.

  • Anne B Wittke:  Normally I only dig out dandelions after a good soaking rain since the clay in my yard is like a brick when dry. It hasn't rained recently but I tried it anyway, and it does remove the leaves of dandelions very effectively, without my having to bend over. I also like the fact it is 'organic', in that no herbicides are used to kill the dandelions, since I sometimes let my chickens roam the yard. I would recommend this.

  • Steve Goode:  Cuts out the weed and drills out the root so it won't grow back.

  • Lisa Grady:  The weed spinner was so easy to use. It was even fun watching dandelions spin around and pop out of the ground. I used it the day I got it until the drill battery died. I hand clean hands and my back and knees never hurt!

  • Vicki Reynolds:  It was very easy to use

  • Eileen Steltermann:  I recommend this product, because it is east to use. just connect it to your hand drill and go.

  • Mary Bayles:  This is a very effective tool at first I had doubts . I didn't think it would work. I was wrong it works great!

  • Nadine Valentine:  It's good as far as excavating the weeds but a little a hard to use if your short because the tool is so long.

  • Gwen E. Triplette:  At 72 years of age and being short in stature, it was a little difficult to use.

  • Marilyn Lindsay:  light and easy to use

  • Rick Riker:  Easy to use and does the job. Destroys the weeds in a flash.

  • Kayla Johnston:  I found this very easy to use in most types of soil. Really hard clay soil, not so much.

  • Cristina Robert:  It is good for short vines and medium weeds.

  • Bob McRobie:  easy to use works well

  • Lorraine Kovacs:  Perfect for removing all those pesky dandelions!

  • Sandy Palmer:  A great product and easy to use

  • Marty Morris:  No more bending over to pull weeds.

  • William Carney:  easy to use

  • Joseph Kittel:  It's very easy to use, light weight, and eliminates getting down on the ground, Mostly the low price.

  • Patricia Colliver:  This product was very easy to use and did the job well.

  • Nancy Lusk:  I would recommend the weed spinner. It is easy to use. I have lower back pain and this product is so helpful. I don't have to bend down so far and the results are a great way to get rid of weeds.

  • Brenda Fowlkes:  I would recommend this product to anyone who has those little seedling trees coming up every year, boy does it work on them.

  • Nancy L. Cinelli:  I found the weed spinner easy to use, I have problems with my knees and can't always bend them to pull-up weeds.

  • LYNDA REED:  The weed spinner did the job very good. It got root and plant. The only thing would be if you have a big yard and a lot of weeds. It would take a lot of time to cover a big yard.

  • Peggy Tauer:  The Weed Spinner worked very well at removing dandelions, and also small trees from walnuts planted by squirrels in my garden.

  • Alfred Kozlowski:  Product was easy to use with cordless drill and efficiently removed weeds from grasses, rock areas and gardens.

  • Shirley Perrault:  It works good and get down to the root of thing and take care of the job.

  • Theresa Harris:  It was easy to use and easy to put together

  • Ann McEwen:  Once I figured out how to hold the drill with this VERY long-shafted tool, it was death to the dandelions. It left sizeable mark in the lawn, but it reached nicely down the roots.

  • Sharon Nevin:  This is the fastest, easiest way to pull weeds I've ever seen. I love it cause I don't have to bend over to pull weeds now. It really works great around those hard to reach places like walks and fences. My old weedeater is a pain cause the string hits a walk or fence and breaks the string every few seconds. Then I have to stop and reload the string. The Weedspinner is so much faster - I just point, pull the drill trigger, and presto - up comes the weed, roots and all! It's perfect.



  • Nancy Cashner:  I tried this product with an electric drill and my battery powered drill. This product worked just as well with both drills. I also tried it on my lawn as well as on the very hard dirt and rock area. It performed very well and took out the weeds, roots and all.

  • Linda S Brisk:  The weed spinner was so easy to use that I ran out of weeds in a very short time.

  • Donna Meeks:  I would recommend this product to any one it is easy to use you don't half to bend and brake your back to dig out weeds or small trees, it works.

  • Helen Spiroplaus:  Ease of getting rid of weeds without bending over and digging out by hand.

  • Marvin L Rhoads:  I feel it gets to the root of the weeds and is great to not have to do the bending or down on your knees removal

  • Dian L. Pribonic:  The WEED SPINNER is a simply made tool without any complications. This tool is easy to use while thoroughly weeding any area I wanted to clean up. The only problem that I personally had was that my drill was out of commission so I borrowed one and was glad that I did.

  • Janet Larson:  I thought it would be too much trouble but it wasn't enjoy using it. Do have to get use to the weeds wrapping around the pole once in awhile but I just put it in reverse and it unwinds right off.

  • Great tool for scattered weeds around the yard. Robert

  • Works great on weeding my lawn. Lawrence

  • “Most excellent transaction! ” Nancy

  • Fast delivery. thank you. Eleanor

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