Every now and then a truly revolutionary weeding tool comes along. That was the case when Vern invented this clever efficient weeding tool. His purpose to stop pulling weeds by hand and to save his back and knees. He designed the Weed Spinner to remove the entire root of tap root weeds; it is ideal for use with seedlings, thistles, and dandelions spinning out weeds roots and all!

After watching the Awesome Auger Commercial with Billy Mays and ordering the awesome auger and testing it, Vern felt that he could invent a better product to remove weeds. The awesome auger had many short comings, including a wobbly two piece drive shaft that was short and required bending over for use. Vern knew there had to be a BETTER MOUSE TRAP for weed removal that wasn't hard on his back and knees.

Vern now 89 years old, retired after 39 years of teaching, administration and specialized projects at a Technical College. Since retiring he has invented and marketed several products including a golf ball retriever, rebound stability system for exercise, hand and electric aluminum can crushers, etc. He won the, “Wisconsin Governor’s Award for Energy Innovation”, in 1980. He holds several patents. Building and testing many prototypes for weed removal the final spin-weeding product was Weed Spinner and Weedntill by WEEDSPINNER LLC.

Save your Backs and Knees
As we grow older we have more time to enjoy the benefits of gardening. Conversely as boomers and seniors we also develop numerous physical problems that restrict these gardening activities. Back and knee problems are two common ailments that restrict weeding with common gardening tools. Short handle tools require kneeling which is hard on the knees. Although long handled tools reduce the knee problems they also require specific physical motions such as stepping, pushing, pulling, chopping etc. that can be strenuous on the back.

Simplicity is deceiving you have to use it to believe it!
Weed Spinner - this NEW drill driven weed removal tool resolves the knee and back problems of traditional weeding tools. Just point the tip at the middle of the weed, squeeze the trigger on the drill, and the weed, root and all, are completely eliminated in a single spin-weeding action with no root left to grow back.

Attach Weedspinner or Weedntill spin-weeding weed removal tool and turn your drill into power weeding at its best! Easy to use as 1, 2, 3.
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Weed Spinner or Weedntill works with any cordless or electric drill. A standard 3/8” variable speed cordless drill works best. The top speed can vary from 600 to 1400 rpm. A slower rpm works best for large weeds while a higher rpm works better for smaller weeds and debris. For best results, point the head directly down (vertical) into the center of the weed or debris to be removed, squeeze the trigger on the drill, and the weed, root and all, are completely eliminated in a single spinning action with no root left to grow back. It’s called the Greener-De-Weeder…environmentally friendly.
A New Way to Weed Control. No Chemicals.
The beauty of the weed spinner is that it has a 30” drive shaft for easy stand up use, fits easily into any cordless or electric drill and spins the weeds out by the roots and off the head. No more bending. No more pulling weeds by hand. Weed Spinner spins out the weeds roots and all!
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