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Pesticides are Killing Bees - Toxic ChemicalsSAVE OUR BEES

Studies are increasingly pointing to the role played by pesticides, in which scientists believe is a major factor in the alarming decline of U.S. honey bee populations, known as Colony Collapse Disorder.

Since 2008, one third of U.S. honey bee populations have been dying off each year. This is not only an alarming rate of species destruction, but it’s also a serious threat to our food supply. Honey bees pollinate 71 of the 100 most common crops, which account for 90% of the world’s food supply.

For too long the EPA has turned a blind eye to the problem of mounting evidence that pesticides are not safe for our food system. It’s time for the EPA to act and save the bees that help produce foods like apples, blueberries, and dozens of other vital crops.

Many townships and cities in the U.S. and Canada are supporting non-toxic policies that includes a moratorium on chemical herbicides for varying uses including lawns.

Each one of us can do our part by not using harmful chemicals on our lawns and gardens to remove weeds. There are many other alternatives to chemicals to remove weeds that include hand weeding, mulch and using various weed removal tools.

Now – you can get rid of those pesky weeds without chemicals and inefficient weed removal tools with the NEW drill driven weed removal tool called the: Weed Spinner.

This new tool takes the work out of weeding and makes it fun. It will also save your back and knees and is the perfect tool for persons with disabilities who enjoy gardening and desire to remove weeds from their lawn.

What are the side effects of using chemicals on weeds?
Weeds and Toxic Chemicals

Chemical overspray has many serious side effects caused by wind, misdirection and over spray, etc. Chemicals can land on almost everything but the intended weed causing damage to others plants, fruits, trees and beneficial insects.

Do you really need to spray with a chemical and are there other alternatives? Using a mulch or weed removal tools can be a simple solution. It’s eco-friendly, fast, efficient and fun to use. Besides it will save your back and knees.

What's the damage caused by chemicals?
Weeds and Toxic Chemicals

In years gone by kids used the lawn as their gymnasium and picked strands of grass and put them in their teeth; ate bites of clover and
tasted dandelions. They could eat the wild elderberries, blackberries, strawberries, because no-one had been spraying.

There is a rise in childhood diseases like leukemia, cancers, allergies, asthma, fertility issues, birth defects, development problems
and a host of mysterious ailments we never heard of before.

Honeybees on which we depend to pollinate our crops for food are crashing and disappearing. Forty-five billion honey bees are lost each
year worldwide, which is 30 to 50 percent in the US and elsewhere.

We hear that there is no river or stream in the US which does not have chemicals. It's in the groundwater from runoff and goes into our
drinking water. Chemicals are impacting bird populations around the world, not only due to loss to habitat, but also the loss of insect

The US has 1200 registered chemicals in 18,000 products, while France has a mere "500" chemicals and the UK has only "300" chemicals. How
many more do we really need?

We can do better with alternative methods for making our lawns and gardens weed free. Use the NEW drill driven weed removal tool that
takes the work out of weeding, saves your knees and back and is fun to use.

Weeding Simplified
It’s a revealing and paradoxical fact that the less cultivation and disturbance of the soil while your plants are growing, the fewer weeds you’ll have. Conventional weeding and cultivation, especially during the growing season, brings all those dormant weeds to the surface. With the freshly tiled soil you have prepared the perfect seed bed for the weed seeds to germinate in.
Hand weeding works well to remove those weeds with minimum tillage. The NEW drill driven weed removal tool by Weed Spinner also removes the weeds with minimum soil disturbance with less work than hand weeding. Check out the video to see it in action. It’s easy, fast, efficient and it’s fun. It will also save your back and knees and is the perfect tool for persons with disabilities who enjoy gardening.

Gardeners save your Backs and Knees As we grow older we have more time to enjoy the benefits of gardening. Conversely as boomers and seniors we also develop numerous physical problems that restrict these gardening activities. Back and knee problems are two common ailments that restrict weeding with common gardening tools. Short handle tools require kneeling which is hard on the knees. Although long handled tools reduce the knee problems they also require specific physical motions such as stepping, pushing, pulling, chopping etc. that can be strenuous on the back.
Weed Spinner is a NEW drill driven weed removal tool that resolves the knee and back problems of traditional weeding tools. Just point the Weed Spinner’s tip at the middle of the weed, squeeze the trigger on the drill, and the weed, root and all, are completely eliminated in a single spinning action with no root left to grow back. It’s called the Greener-De-Weeder…environmentally friendly.

No Bending! Saves back and knees!

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  • There is a new movement by townships and cities in the U.S. and even the entire providence of Ontario, Canada to supporting nontoxic policies that includes a moratorium on chemical herbicides for varying uses including lawns.

  • Why the bans on chemicals?
    Kids and pets that play on toxically treated lawns absorb pesticide residues into their bodies. They eliminate beneficial organisms such as earthworms and weed eating insects and discourage visitation from birds and butterflies. The products residues are washed off lawns and gardens into local water supplies and waterways doing serious damage to fish and other aquatic life forms. Massive bird deaths have also resulted from these products.

  • Weeds - The Never Ending Battle! What are the alternatives to chemicals?
    Hand weeding and using various weed removal tools
    Mulch and organic methods
    Regardless of what method you use you must remove weeds completely or all the way out by their roots or they will grow back. Many perennial weeds will sprout again from pieces of roots.

    NOW – you can get rid of those ugly and pesky weeds permanently, WITH OUT THE USE OF CHEMICALS, and inefficient weed removal tools with the NEW Drill Driven Weed Spinner.
    Attach to any cordless or electric drill. Point the tip at the center of the weed and pull the trigger. Removes weeds and entire root with one spinning motion. Much faster than hand weeding and easier on your back and knees.

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