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by the National Home Gardening Club 2013

No Bending! Saves back and knees!

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"Thank you Weed Spinner for the greatest weed removal tool invention I've ever used!"
  • Testimonial: The weedspinner is an amazing tool. It is easy to use and very effective. We have 6 acres - 1.5 developed lawn and flower beds, 1.5 wooded with trails thru it, and 3 acres that are an evolving wildflower meadow. We have many native, but invasive, plants and vines growing on our property that we are at war with. Now, we finally have his and her weedspinners which gives us an edge in our battle.
    In the meadow, we are battling thistle and stinging nettles, as well as cat claw vines, and volunteer trees.
    In the wooded section, we battle picky vines and poison ivy. In the developed area, we battle volunteer oaks of many different varieties, volunteer cherry trees, picky vines and wild, picky blackberry bushes, as well as volunteer American Beauty berry bushes.
    This Spring, I personally killed over one thousand thistles in about 6 days. Now I patrol the meadow weekly, and spin out any that are late comers.
    The biggest challenge was developing my upper body strength to heft the 18V drill around. I love my new muscles and finally feel confident that we will win our battle with weeds and things in our garden.
    You are a genius for developing this great tool - AND you stand behind your product! After writing to you that I loved your tool, but broke it, you sent me, free of charge, a replacement and your new tool, weed-N-till. Now that is outstanding customer service!
    Thank you for giving me hope in my battle against weeds! I tell every gardener I know about it!  Sincerely, Kathie

  • Testimonial: Todd Borch Aug 2013
    Hi Vern, Voted for your weed spinner and will continue to vote till the voting ends. I have used mine a lot around the farm with excellent results, mainly along fence-lines to control the thistles and burdocks from reseeding. The stems are too thick for a weed-whacker and using a hand shears like I did previously gets tiring on the arms real quick. I see you have testimonials on your website so you can add my comments if need be. Good luck and hope to see the weedspinner on the shelves! Take care, Todd

  • Testimonial: Alex K Apr 2012. I was a little hesitant before ordering, but the design made sense. I put it to a test as soon as I got it. Works better than I imagined it. It will save a lot of back breakings work removing the weeds.

  • Testimonial: Jayne K Mar 2012
    Really Cool!!!!; Hi Vern, I just tried the weed spinner. It is so much fun: I will work on my ad and start selling. My husband, who is hard to please because he works with tools all the time, he’s really lovely liked it. What a cool invention! I can now see why you are so excited about it. Thanks again.