Weed Spinner Weed Removal ToolWeed Spinner Weed Removal Tool

 Weed Spinner weed removal tool spins out weeds in one whirling motion!

Weed Spinner in action

Drill not included.

Weed Spinner Weed Removal Tool

Weed Spinner takes the work out of weeding!

Takes the work out of weeding in one spinning motion!

2013 Best of Lakeland Award in the Lawn and Garden Equipmen

Weed Spinner LLC has been selected for the 2013 Best of Lakeland Award in the Lawn and Garden Equipment category by the Lakeland Award Program.  Click to view Press Release

Buy 1 for $12.45
1 for $12.45

U.S. shipping $4.49 (excluding Alaska, Hawaii).
Canada shipping $9.49.
Australia shipping $17.00.
Outside U.S. shipments require a phone number for delivery.

Buy 2 for $21.95
Buy 2 for $21.95

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Weed Spinner Weed Removal Tool

Simplicity is deceiving you have to use it to believe it!

Gardening Club Seal of Approval Gardening Club Seal of Approval

No Bending! Saves back and knees!

spins out weeds roots and all

Eco Friendly! No harmful chemicals!

Works great in all types of soil...even gravel!

Works with any cordless or electric drill
• Removes weeds and entire roots with one spinning motion
• Weed Spinner garden tool works on any surface for weed control (gravel, rock, gardens)
• Even removes tree seedlings - weed remover 
• Save time plus your back and knees
• No more bending down
• Eco-Friendly - No Chemicals
• It’s called the Greener-De-Weeder weeding tool 

Weed Spinner

Weed Spinner Tweet

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